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Voltage: 3.7V

Lamp bead: CREE-Q5

Color temperature: 6000k

Lens: optical flat mirror

Color: Black

Gear: 1 gear

Power supply: 2*AAA battery

Lamp cup: Deepened light cup

Size:15*132 mm

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一. Switch instruction

1, the battery is positive to the inside (lamp side), the negative electrode is outside (tail).

2. The switch is at the tail, the switch function is the switch function, and the tap of the switch is the dimming function.

二.Circuit board instructions

1, the store adopts advanced voltage constant current technology, can effectively solve the LED flashlight on the voltage constant current requirements.

2, special tips: a. do not overvoltage use, the voltage does not exceed 4.2V b. The battery is facing the front, do not reverse, otherwise it will burn board c. Pay attention to control the temperature change of the flashlight to ensure heat dissipation d. Non-professionals do not open the circuit board

3, warranty description: Open or handle the circuit board is no longer covered by warranty.

三. Lithium battery instructions

1, lithium battery characteristics: lithium battery and mobile phone battery charging method is completely different; Lithium battery has no memory, can be charged at any time, do not overcharge.

2, special tips to use anti-overcharge, anti-reverse connection, anti-short circuit "three" charger;

3, do not use the battery for a long time, should be fully stored, normally in about three months and then charge and discharge once;

四. Instructions for the use of torches

1. When using the flashlight, choose according to the requirements of the voltage and battery of the flashlight, do not misuse it to prevent burning the circuit board, and do not use the battery of different models and different voltages at the same time.

2. In use, when the brightness of the flashlight changes significantly, the flashlight should be turned off to prevent overdischarge of the battery.

3, heat dissipation skills: the flashlight in the process of use, to ensure heat dissipation. It is strongly required that when the battery is fully charged, it is best to use the second gear first, so that the lamp head and the battery can be extended product life! Do not direct the flashlight light into people's eyes, super bright and dazzling, so as not to affect vision, especially children.

五. Trouble shooting

1, check the battery: ensure that the battery has power and install the battery in the correct direction, do not use different brands of batteries, old and new batteries can not be mixed.

2. Check the tail cap: ensure that the switch is tightened and in good contact, ensure that the copper column of the tail cap is in good contact with the metal sheet of the tail cap pressure ring, and pay attention to whether the lamp cap is loose.



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LOGO: Laser engraving, hot stamping or printing.
Packaging: Customizable packaging, polybag, clamshell or gift box, customize any pattern as per your request.

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