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About ONEOK The machinery of the factory is in operation | ONEOK user manual | ONEOK

October 16, 2023
About ONEOK The machinery of the factory is in operation | ONEOK user manual | ONEOK

"Our factory is a busy and efficient place, where workers and craftsmen tirelessly carry out various tasks. They work closely together to ensure the smooth operation of the production line. In this factory, steps such as sparking, mold marking, roughing, deburring, packaging, and shipping are all essential. Each step has dedicated employees who are experienced and skilled. When it comes to processing products, spark erosion technology is widely applied. This technique uses electric pulses to generate high temperatures and remove or reshape metal materials. It plays a crucial role in mold manufacturing and ensures that the productsMold marking is also a key step where special equipment is used to mark and characterize the surface of molds. These markings guide final product meets precision requirements. The next stage is roughing, during which raw materials are processed into desired forms and further prepared for subsequent machining processes in terms of size and appearance.

Deburring with hole punching is vital for providing better assembly experience and aesthetics. This process involves using drills or other tools to remove sharp edges or burrs on parts, making them smooth and even.

After completing all machining processes, careful packaging is necessary for safe transportation of the products to customers' locations. Packaging personnel select appropriate materials based on product characteristics while taking measures to prevent damage or deformation.

The final procedure is shipping; checks have been confirmed as satisfactory, the logistics team will deliver the products to target markets or customers on time.They coordinate with relevant departments ensuring strict adherence to delivery schedules.

In summary,every position in our factory plays an important role: from skilled craftsmen-oriented quality controllers striving for perfection,to efficient logistics teams pursuing productivity towards achieving excellent production results."

After years of innovation and development, a one-stop production line has been formed from raw materials entering the factory, production and processing to finished product delivery. The  produced has a qualitative leap from output to quality, which can better meet the growing market. need.

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